My first impressions of MCDF - by Julia

In Kenya, in my experience so far, people are friendly and open. They are very curious about us, wazungu - greetings us constantly on the streets, asking information about where we come from, what we do, and, funnily, about our hair. They smile and laugh a lot and it seems like everyone is an excellent dancer - at least compared to European standards.

My first impression of MCDF is very positive. When we entered the office in Nairobi we were warmly welcomed from Esther, Lucy and Martha. They were very friendly and excited about our arrival. After a first introduction round and getting to know them, we received an orientation about our stay in Nairobi. They were so kind to answer all our questions concerning security, accommodation, transportation. This was followed by an interesting discussion about gender roles and the changing power relations in Kenya https://oesterreichischea...h/. The staff here is very open, friendly and always up for a laugh. The atmosphere is very relaxed here.

Concerning our internship, we will be staying in the office in Nairobi for one week, where we will accompany Esther and Lucy to some corporate responsibility meetings, take part in a condom training to be prepared for our fieldwork in Mariakani. We will be staying in Mariakani for 5 weeks, where we will probably mostly work on two projects. One will be a research project about female condom use.

The other one will be about social entrepreneurship. I am already very curious about projects, how they will work out and how it will be like. In general, I am very excited to work with this great team on the different projects.