One Stop Youth Resource Center

In response to the needs of the youth in Mariakani, 13th May saw the birth of One stop youth resource center. It is within our hearts to support growth and empowerment of the youth, raising their quality of life. This was made possible with the help of PaperSeed Foundation who are dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities for children and young people in underserved and resource-lacking communities around the world.

Youths utilize an integrated approach to youth development by providing youth with safe spaces in developing Mariakani, where they meet and access information and resources critical to youth-led development including sexual reproductive health, entrepreneurship and life skills. The centre offers youth friendly services and contributes to their socio-economic development.

The youths have understood, appreciated the center since they have learnt it’s a place where they assess, identify and obtain information towards life. At the center we offer Computer packages; screening of movies, training on social entrepreneurship programs to youths who have business ideas and those have already existing businesses. This presents a platform to share ideas and network.

Our mission still holds the stand to establish and promote projects and strategies that will empower and effect positive change in the community.

The world has become competitive thus requires a person who is creative and dynamic. The One stop youth resource center nurtures youth to be leaders, ultimately adding value in the society and impacting change. We intend to improve the livelihoods of the very many marginalized youth in Mariakani.

In addition One stop youth resource center helps in stressing good governance and democratic space agenda. The youth are provided with a channel to lobby their issues which can make serious contributions in the society.

“It starts with you, change the way you see the life and the way you face it. Then make anyone who is around you see how you approach life.”