Rising Star Awards

A star is someone who sees potential in something that people pass through and goes for it, he/she is one who is determined to go beyond the limits to achieve their dream making it a reality, one who wakes up with others to make ends meet and sleeps late at night when others are dead asleep with the aim of chasing the dream, one who takes every opportunity that comes by, I could go on and on with the description of a star.

On 8th May 2015 was one of the many moments we got to shine as an Organization because of the Star we have amongst us that is Our President. Couple of months down the line, the award is still fresh I our minds, both from the team and allies of the Organization. Recognition of good work is mind blowing hence the passion to share this blog with you. As Quvenzhane Wallis from a line in her song “I am not afraid of a thousand eyes” at the age of 23 years the dream is still prevailing from the good works of Emily’s ideas.

A star is like a mirror, it will smile at you if you smile at it and for a Star every day may not be good but there is something good in every day. A star is positive even when the road gets tough, it all about dusting themselves when they fall and keep walking and doing the good work.

At this moment I bet this song was lingering in Emily Karechio mind “now look at me with this opportunity the big dream just became real, my big opportunity you have just witnessed my moment you see, my big opportunity I won’t waste it….I guarantee.”Once again Congratulations.

“Let’s all become stars in our own ways.”