A fundamental area where our consultancy services can be effective to your business is to provide expert advice in the areas in which we specialize. As part of taking care of their team’s interest, it is important for employees to have a policy and strategy on how to handle:

  • Health issues such as HIV, STIs

The HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act, 2006, gives guidance to review of HIV and AIDS workplace policies, making specific reference to HIV/AIDS in relation to provision of education and information in the workplace, discrimination, privacy, confidentiality and personal rights.

The experience of our professional team means that we are ideally placed to provide our clients with the knowledge, information and advice they require to sensitizing the workplace on such issues.

  • Drugs and substance abuse.

It is impossible to say there are workplaces that are 100% drug free in Kenya. Your workplace may not have a “drug problem” but according to a National drugs and alcohol survey done by NACADA, in 2012, 30 % of Kenyans aged 15-65 have ever consumed alcohol in their life; 13.3% of Kenyans currently consume alcohol that means that at least 4 million people are active alcohol users.

Developing strategies to help free your workplace of controlled / illegal drugs involves a combination of training and a lot of sensitization on matters involving drugs and substance abuse.

We offer the following consultancy services:

  • Training on HIV and STIs Drugs and substance abuse in workplaces
  • Team building
  • Corporate
  • Non Governmental organizations
  • Government institutions