Female Condom (FC2)

SUPPORT, a division of the Female Health Company, has partnered with MCDF to work together in the SUPPORT-Kenya Program, a program that seeks to promote, advocate and train on the correct use of the Female Condom (FC2). We believe that female condom promotion and training should be integrated in services for sexual and reproductive health and HIV/STI prevention. The female and the male condom are the only tools which offer double protection: against unplanned pregnancy and HIV/STI. We have the knowledge, the skills and the materials to support you in:

  • Promoting FC2 female condoms:
  • Educating people about female condoms;
  • Advocacy for female condoms;
  • Integrating FC2 female condoms in existing programs for HIV/STI prevention and family planning.

YFC2 is a soft and smooth female condom and is perceived as user friendly and pleasurable by women and men. FC2 is the only female condom in the world which has been approved by FDA and WHO. This is a reassurance of the quality.

We support organizations that are interested in promoting FC2 female condoms at no cost. Among others, we work with:

  • Health care providers;
  • AIDS Control Officers;
  • Community based distributors;
  • Outreach workers;

Information, Education and Communication Materials

We offer various IEC materials for promotion and information about FC2 female condom and its use.


We offer trainings on integrated female condom programing in focus on its correct use and promotion. This is crucial information for people who are orientating on prevention and contraception tools.

Advocacy and collaboration

We provide assistance, guidance and consultancy on how to effectively pass the message on the importance of the Female Condom Programming. Currently, we use the paper dolls technology to carry out our campaign currently using the paper dolls to carry out the campaign.


MCDF (SUPPORT- Kenya) partners with the other organizations and government institutions, among others, including: Kenya National AIDS & STI Control Programme (NASCOP), and National AIDS Control Council (NACC). Peer educators