Muthaa Community Development Foundation Partnered with Student Movement for Real Change (SMRC) an American Organization now known as ThinkImpact and Kayafungo Women Water Project a local Community Based Organization in implementing water, sanitation, and education projects in Kayafungo Location, Kaloleni District, Coast Province to improve health and quality of life.

In this project, we worked closely with Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. In choosing of the community health trainers and the schools to benefit with the construction of latrines to be trained, we worked closely with the office of the Chief and the Location Development Committee.

  • Train participants to be trainers of trainers (TOTs) in community health and hygiene
  • Empower through knowledge: water treatment and conservation
  • Empower through knowledge: causes & prevention of diseases and nutritional value of local foods
  • Impact skills on pit latrine construction
  • Mobilize and encourage the community to know their HIV status and care.
  • Health and Sanitation Workshops
  • Construction of 14 latrines and schools and the Gotani Health Dispensary

Latrine locations:

  • Gogoraruhe Primary School
  • Gandini Primary School
  • Kinolo Nursery School
  • Ramisi Nursery School
  • St. Michael's Primary School
  • Mwijo Primary School
  • Mitsikitsini Primary School
  • Kinagoni Primary School
  • Gandini Primary School
  • Katsangani Nursery School
  • Miyani Primary School
  • Nzoweni Nursery School
  • Kasemeni Nursery School